About Us

In April of 2005, Ray and I were shopping for our first home together.  I told our realtor, Jack Allred, I had to have an old house with lots of character!  One evening we got a call from Jack.  He said there was a house he thought I'd like.  When we pulled in I recognized the house from years before.  I remembered driving by the house in 1997, fresh out of college.  It was love at first sight!  As we drove past I muttered to myself, "I'll never have a house like that." 


Fast forward to 2005 and I can't believe I'm about to tour THIS house!  The moment I walked through the door and saw the elaborately carved, breathtaking gingerbread I immediately turned to Jack and said, "I want it!”  He chuckled and asked if I'd like to see the rest of the house first.  It needed many updates, but I didn't care.  It would be perfect if it could just be mine!  Jack told the listing agent that he had a potential buyer.  The agent remarked that she'd had an enormous and immediate response just from placing a sign in the yard.  She asked Jack if we were serious buyers.  His response, 

"I think you'd have to pry her out of there with a crow bar!"  


Long story short, in 2005 Our House became our home.  It became our home and our hobby.  We moved in and started work immediately.  Two photo albums full of our adventures in remodeling still grace the shelf in the guest bedroom today... and we still have more to go!


In 2007 Drew joined us and made us a family of three.  You can see how quickly he grew if you look closely at the molding around the door in the Bunk Room. In 2015 we were faced with relocation for Ray's job.  I agreed to go on one condition. You guessed it!   I had to keep Our House!  It will always be home to us.  It is such a special place full of treasured memories.  Everyone who comes through the door falls in love with the house and its one-of-a-kind vintage character and charm.  Needless to say, Ray is a very smart man!  ;)  He loves me!  He really, really loves me!  :D 


In April of 2016 we opened Our House on Maple as a vacation rental.  With no advertisement at all it was immediately booked for every home football game.  You can find Our House on all the major vacation rental sites like AirBnb, HomeAway, VRBO, vacationrentals.com and Trip Advisor.  If you'd like to pay a little less, you can book directly with us to avoid fees, but we invite you to book through any site that makes you most comfortable.

I have learned so much along the way!  I learned that you should (really) never say never!  I also learned that if you want something bad enough you have to take the risk...and put in the work, but it is so worth it.  We live in Texas and Drew is now 13!   His enjoys art, boating and playing video games with friends.  Ray works in industrial construction and manufacturing.  You can learn more about him at Miller's Compass Consulting.  In 2017 Drew and I started Come Together with Kindness, a kindness and anti-bulling initiative.  Drew has experienced bullying since Kindergarten and by 2017 we decided it was time to take action!  We award Courage to Be Kind Medallions to kids who have the courage to be kind and provide free Kindness Kits to kids.  We have a free online kindness club.  We invite you to join no matter where you live!  I am The Mission Mom!  I write and design all our Kindness Kits and Secret Service Missions.  In 2020

I started the Giving Gift Co to help support our kindness initiative!  Give a gift that gives...back!

I also have the pleasure of managing Our House. 

And a pleasure it truly is to be able to share such a special place with

all our guests.  We welcome you to visit and create your own memories.

There really is no place like Stillwater, OklaHOMEa!

When you come home, we hope you'll stay at Our House.






                                      Oh, and GO POKES!  

                                                     Class of '96